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Introducing “Betting the Kitchen Sink” (Trio 2, Story 5)

Have You Ever Thought Your Numbers Came Up, if Only for a Second?This story was inspired by various cases in the British media of people winning the lottery–and then being denied their claim. Some were legitimate, some less so.

Here the focus is on a couple who live in my home town of Warrington, mid-way between Manchester and Liverpool. He plays the lottery, she doesn’t. They hit the big time. What happens to their relationship?

Money taints, and big money taints big. The question is two-fold in the story. Do they get the money, and what does it do to them? It’s not all bad, though, since the struggle to successfully claim can bring people closer together…but for how long? Can they repair their differences, and redeem their relationship?

Betting the Kitchen Sink” is an amalgam of real-life news. The media loves lottery stories, of course, since they revolve around huge wins and huge losses, putting everything into question, including identity, social values, pride, guilt, friendship and love. Together they often lead to that most valued of human feelings: schadenfreude, the pleasure we get from other people’s misfortunes.

Here’s a taster of recent ones ripped from the headlines. These two stories from the UK: Man Denied Lottery Winning Because Winning Ticket Was Printed Just Seven Seconds Too Late and We Did Win 254m Lottery Jackpot, and this story from the US: Man Misses Out on 14m Jackpot.

Good luck if you win!