The Writer

The Pen and Paper

Surprisingly, I still use both. It probably all started when I won one of the least recognized school prizes, not that I've been anything but proud when I took it home...the handwriting prize. Or should I say, the Handwriting Prize. To celebrate, my nine-year old self bought a calligraphy pen. That's probably where it all started, the writing bug.

At university, I wrote all my essays by hand. Only one friend had a computer, and he had to print out his essays before weekly tutorials, using the old ticker-tape perforated edge printer paper that spits out in one huge reel like Jack Kerouac's On The Road scroll. This resulted in a nail-biting last few minutes before our meetings.

I use a laptop these days for writing, but everything note-wise is pen and paper. I don't think they're going away just yet. Although that's what something probably said about the dodo.